Circular Cities

Regional Dialogue on Circular Cities - Rapid Urbanization and New Models of Circular Economy Sustainable Cities

04 December 2020, Friday | 14.00 hrs
Bangkok Time ICT (Indochina time) UTC/GMT +7 hours

The cities are growing rapidly in number and in size as the economic activities, education, health, recreation, and basic amenities are stimulating urbanization. However, the environmental footprints of the cities are alarmingly high in terms of extraction of natural resources to sustain socioeconomic activities in the cities and also in terms of pollution, green house gases and waste coming out of the cities. This is creating a vicious circle for the cities in obtaining the natural resources as well as to provide quality of life and basic amenities to their citizens. The depletion of natural resources due to over extraction and over exploitation as well as due to contamination due to the pollution coming out of the cities has created an urgency to support the cities in doing the business differently.

Circular economy approach, by closing the loop as local as possible and by increasing the resource efficiency at local level, could help cities transformation to be sustainable with happier and healthier citizens. The concept of “Circular Cities” is to reduce the intake of natural resources and to reduce the pollution and negative environmental impacts through resource efficiency is the focus of this dialogue. Sustainable consumption and production practices based on lifecycle assessment approach could provide basis for circular economy utilizing various aspects and focusing on various actors within the cities.

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