Innovation & Startups

Webinar on Innovations and Startups for Circular Economy

16 December 2020, Wednesday | 14.00 hrs
Bangkok Time ICT (Indochina time) UTC/GMT +7 hours

The main objective of this webinar is to identify the pathways in accelerating innovations for circular economy. The pathways include the enabling environment and capacity building for green startups, innovative policies and financing mechanisms, and creating demand for innovations sustainable consumption as a result of sustainable lifestyles.

Target Audience

- Students/ Teachers
- Entrepreneurs/ Startups
- Government/ Development Agencies
- Anyone who wants to start a ‘green’ business

Program Agenda 

Background Information

The webinar we are going to see is our event that will shed some lights for us to become an innovator with the circular economy. We will learn from the fundamental ideas embedded within the circular economy. Furthermore, adding to where it can reach the innovation level to build startups. Most innovations today do not start from thinking that what we can make profit immediately via the project, but they all start from thinking what to give to this world. And it is not just a one-shot away but a sustainable way through circular economy. Therefore, all the things can come from us which may begin from solving the problem in our house and our family, then go further step to our neighbor, our city, the country, and the global. We will see and listen to different case studies of people and organizations who are experts in circular economy and SCP, who start their startups from zero, who want to change the world.